New Honda Tiger

Harga Motor New Honda Tiger Baru dan Bekas (Second). With the slogan “Legendary Ride, New Spirit!”, New Honda Tiger Revolution Cruiser is a new breakthrough of sport motorcycle, innovative design trends to apply the European concept motorcycle with the performance explorers of all fields.

Honda Tiger

Harga Honda Tiger Baru

Honda Tiger Type
Price (Rupiah)
New Honda Tiger CW 24.900.000

Harga Honda Tiger Bekas / Second

Honda Tiger Type
Price (Juta Rupiah)
Honda Tiger 1996 – 2006 7 – 14
Honda Tiger Revo 2007 – 2008 15 – 17

Note : Harga Motor Honda / The motorcycle price displayed here can be different from the actual price on the dealer or the seller depend on some factors.

Information Summary

Since it was first launched in 1993, Honda Tiger with masculine design, stable performance, powerful and comfortable ride has been stealing the attention of fans of a sport motorcycle in Indonesia. For 15 years, Honda Tiger motorcycle sport has become a dream of Indonesian society and legends in the history of motorcycles in Indonesia.

This was proved by the number of accumulated production of Honda Tiger which until now has reached more than predicate Honda 32gka gives Tiger a 200 cc motorcycle sport with the highest production in Indonesia, in other words, the most popular sport motorcycles in its class.

New body design with massive and tough character, giving adventurous masculine character. Graph minimalist feel of Europe (Graphic and Color) provides a minimalist blend of colors and stripe of ferocious character.