Honda Scoopy

Harga Motor Honda Scoopy – Skutik Retro Modern Baru dan Bekas (Second). PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) to prove its seriousness working on the skutik motor (scooter) market by providing a variety of model options. This time AHM release Honda Scoopy, a unique skutik with retro-modern design to meet the lifestyle needs of young people in Indonesia.

Honda Scoopy

Harga Honda Scoopy Baru

Honda Type
Price (Rupiah)
Honda Scoopy 13.500.000 (OTR Jkt)

Harga Honda Scoopy Bekas / Second

Honda Type
Price (Juta Rupiah)

Note : Harga Honda / The motorcycle price displayed here can be different from the actual price on the dealer or the seller depend on some factors.

Information Summary

As a trendsetter skutik retro, AHM Scoopy equip with a thick design with retro-modern impression that has never owned by other manufacturers in Indonesia. All-round display visible in almost all these new skutik design, starting from the Bodyline, the design of the headlamps, sein lamps, until a pair of twin mirror.

Scoopy round lamp equipped with lights that make multi reflector dusk with bright lighting and wide-reaching. Two light-textured Sein mounted separately from the body, reinforce the impression of modern-retro and make this Scoopy be easily seen from the front or side.

Scoopy Three body colors can be an alternative to supporting the lifestyle of young people who become the main target of this new model, namely Classic white (look luxurious classical style), Retro Pink (retro look cheerfully), and Vintage Violet (exclusive look stylish vintage).

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